Join us in saying YES! to eating healthy foods and let your body tell you what makes it happy! Ask your inner guide, “would this make my body happy and healthy”, and only eat what your body says YES! to…

A new approach that cuts out the middle man and let’s you connect directly with your body to ask it, “Body, what do You want to eat and drink that would truly make you happy?”

What is My Yes! Diet

Imagine a Diet where you set all the rules and you only eat what will make your body happy?

What’s the catch? You have to ask your body what it really wants, and you have to listen to it.

When I said you set the rules, I didn’t mean your lower mind, your Ego would decide. No way, that’s what is going on already and OMG!

You decide, but not with your mind, use your intuition and have more of a connection with the truth about what your body really wants.

How it Works

A simple system called Muscle Testing allows you to ask your intuition questions and get accurate answers about what to eat.

Self Guidance

It’s not hard to learn this and you will always know if your body wants to eat something. And you can still eat it, but your body will not be happy!

Pro Guidance

If you can’t manage the technique or don’t have enough time to learn.
No worries, I can coach you about what foods your body is happy to eat!

Our Services

We provide an intuitive guide that will contact you for a live video session. Your session will also be recorded for your review later.

Using the muscle testing technique, your guide will connect with your energy and body to ask any questions you like about food or drink that you consume.

During the session, we can review food charts to determine it you have any reactions to certain foods. We can also see if you have any trapped emotions connected to any foods from your past.

Not a substitute for advice from a doctor, however this session can help you decide what your body is saying.


Muscle Testing as a Tool

Also known as Kinesieology, it has been around since the 1800’s and can measure the body’s sub-conscious reaction to any food.


Emotions around Food

Sometimes our strong past emotions around food can control us even in the present. We release these trapped past emotions.


Reviewing Food History

Your history around eating food can impact you today. What is your “Comfort Food” and how can you create a permanant comfort zone.


Food Allergies / Reactions

Many of our reactions to foods are pschological or based on our beliefs. Reprogram your food patterns to better serve youself.


Reviewing Food Charts

We identify your foods as making your body feel “Happy”, “Bad” or “Just OK” and give clarity on what will work for your body and health.


Create a Plan Forward

Combining these data points, we can identify the best diet plan that will support your body and make both you and your body happy.

You can really Trust your intuition, we do.

The way we do this work is by tapping into your sub-conscious to find out what your body really likes to eat and what it has a hard time with. Using the same system used by thousands of intuitive energy healers, we focus on your diet and what feels right for your body. We can literally ask your body to tell us what’s going on inside.

Although the knowledge of how to do it is simple and anyone can learn to ask questions to their body themselves. It can take years to become proficient in using Muscle Testing to find the truth. Many times the Ego will interfere and we will only hear what we want to hear… “Pizza, candy, and junk food is great for your body!”

Our real secret expert is inside you, we just knock on the door so you can connect with yourself for the answers!

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